VOLTAGE PARTNERS helps everyday people around the world

How It Works

Are you…
An “Idea Person”?  Submit your ideas and Voltage Partners reviews your ideas, checks marketability of your ideas, and builds the best ones.  The best part? You don’t need any design or development experience! When your idea is built, you receive 50% of the net profit for the life of your idea.

Do you…
Communicate? Cool. Simply send our surveys via email, social media, or text to see if your friends have ideas that solve problems in their work or personal lives.   You help your guest submit their ideas through our easy process. When an idea is built, you receive 25% of the net profit and your guest receives 25% of the net profit. We know… pretty cool!

Can you...
Build a team? Awesome. We compensate you generously for building a team of VIPs. We want more Voltage Idea Partners (VIPs). More VIPs generate more ideas.
More ideas lead to great apps and games to build which means more success for everyone.

How You Earn

1. Ideas

You earn from your successful ideas and the successful ideas you help others submit.

2. Team Building

As your team grows globally, you are compensated for their idea submissions and survey activities.

3. Distribution

You also earn from the distribution of Voltage Partners apps and games (along with 1000s of other apps and games). Click here to start earning with your own app store.


With the Global Development Pool, the longer you are with Voltage Partners, the more you earn from all successful ideas.

What Do I Do Next?

1. Join and become a Voltage Idea Partner (VIP)
a. Enjoy the benefits of the Global Development Pool

2. Share your story and build your team
a. Why did you become a VIP?
b. Meet all Active Requirements

3. Qualify as a National Consultant
a. Continue to enroll new VIPs
b. Qualify for the Lifestyle and Business Builder Bonuses (Automobile and Expense Account Bonus, Thank-you Bonus, All-inclusive Vacation Packages)
c. Various promotions (cash-based awards, incentives, travel, and prizes)

4. Help your team qualify as national consultants